US Counties, Parishes, and Boroughs

COVID data by county, parish (Louisiana), and borough (Alaska). This data is automatically updated each night around 9pm ET.

Our goal is to add more socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic data per county. We will be adding that over time. Any issues w/ the data you see? Contact us.

To use this dashboard, simply select your state and county in the filters.

Update August 10th, 2020: We added several new modules to the below dashboard:
1) County cases per capita
2) State cases per capita (to see how the county and state compare)
3) School reopening criteria (based on Harvard GHI reopening criteria)
Based on a rolling 7 day new case average:
1 case or less fully open
1 - 10 cases phased reopening (more in infographic below)
10-25 cases phased reopening (more in infographic below)
25 or more cases schools closed -- fully remote learning

Update August 11th, 2020: This page is best experienced from your desktop (for now). Working to make it work better on mobile. Sorry for the inconvenience!