Texas > July 27: Texas spike in deaths is not really a spike

You may have noticed that on July 27th, 2020, COVID Mapping Project recorded a *big* spike in new deaths. While Texas is undergoing an intense wave of COVID-19, this blip at first glanced looked like an error in our data tracking platform. However, it was quickly revealed that Texas has modified how they track and count deaths as it relates to COVID. From Texas Tribune:

After months of undercounting coronavirus deaths, Texas’ formal tally of COVID-19 fatalities grew by more than 600 on Monday after state health officials changed their method of reporting.

This article directly contradicts many a conspiracy theorists assertion: that COVID is overblown and that the data is overstated. We're not experts on how death is categorized but we can say that updates to how data is grouped and managed is fairly common in the middle of data collection campaigns so from our perspective this is not the hugest surprise.

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