Washington > COVID Vaccine Effectiveness January 17 - August 10 2021

On August 11th, the Washington State department of public health released a report detailing the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. We distilled the data in this report and compared to all the data we've been gathering to highlight how effective the vaccines have been.

In the below dashboard you will see a few things:

  1. The charts at the top show in green and purple unvaccinated deaths and cases. In those graphs at the bottom you see "breakthrough cases". This attempts to highlight just how rare a breakthrough case or even more rare a breakthrough death is.
  2. Below the graphs you'll see number of cases and deaths from unvaccinated people vs. cases and deaths from vaccinated people. You can see during this time period that deaths from COVID-19 happened to unvaccinated people 97.1% of the time and cases from unvaccinated people happened 96.9% of the time

Core takeaway: get vaccinated.

View high-resolution version here