Georgia > County Testing Stats by Day

A popular request has been county testing stats by day. I had originally asked for this data to be broken down by race, ethnicity, and age but the state told me that race and ethnicity data by county would have security implications (hard disagree but I'm not an attorney and I have no time to contest this in court). So I backed down and asked for age data. Which they supplied. The first file they sent me had incorrect data (thread here). I flagged this to them and they said "oh, you know what you're right. our bad" and sent me another file. The resulting dataset is the dashboard below. I'm going to spend a bit of time diving into the data to see if there's anything meaningful to be found. But for now, you can toggle between counties to see what testing rates have done.

Want the underlying CSV the state sent me? Download here.

(note: the data they sent me contained data from Jan 1 - August 7. When I asked the data analyst why there would be data before the pandemic was publicly acknowledged to be in the US, she told me to ignore data prior to March 1. To say this undermines confidence in the dataset is a slight understatement)

View high-resolution version here