We've talked openly about our frustration with the lack of a single, unified data source. We believe there's a significant public health data infrastructure problem in the US and this outbreak has placed a spotlight on that.

We also believe that policy responses to the pandemic have been disjointed and scattered, leaving many Americans struggling to navigate the rules and regulations governing the new world we live in. It’s also clear that policy choices are directly impacting health outcomes. That’s why we’ve joined forces with the pandemic policy tracker covid19today.org, to draw connections between policy and health outcomes and provide insights into what went wrong, and where.

The Standard Co team has been working in global health for the past 7 years and has focused primarily on making complex data more simple via its platform, Secure Data Kit, for the past 4 years.

Our platform is used in over 60 countries by CDC, WHO, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others to help better understand the distribution of disease and how data can ultimately be used to transform lives.

The covid19today.org team brings together seasoned policy makers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and college students, all who have a vested interest in understanding how the complex, disjoint American policy landscape contributed to the persistence of the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID Mapping Project is leveraging the exact same tools that are used around the world to map, track, and better educate the public on the status of the disease, and how policy has influenced the severity and persistence of the virus.


The really cool thing about this project has been the myriad of folks who have contributed in some form or fashion to this project.

TJ Muehleman (founder Secure Data Kit) -- For wrangling all of the data and spearheading the building of the tool

Jonathan Nesbitt (founder Secure Data kit) -- For giving up his beloved coding chops to build this site in Webflow. And for putting up with TJ's constant stream of bad ideas

Justin Hill (founder / CEO of Faretrotter) -- For volunteering to write a tool that automatically pulled data from 34 states' DPH websites. No small feat!

Eric Toledo (Design Guy) -- For being a cheerleader, volunteering to lend a hand with the Webflow CMS, and some design type things.

Kyle and Ryan Hughes -- high schoolers from Woodinville, WA, they've been helping with some of the manual effort of collecting data and configuring Metabase dashboards

The Standard Co team -- we are a small and scrappy crew but we've built a first class data platform that, until recently, had been used in 63 countries. Now we can add a 64th country -- the US. Kinda weird to write that.

Your Social Team -- these old friends of ours from Switchyards volunteered to set us up and manage an instagram account.

Get Involved!

If you’re interested in contributing or learning more, please reach out to TJ Muehleman on the Standard Co team (tj@standardco.de).